• S . H . E . L . I

    Smart Homes for the Elderly Living Independently

  • OUR Problem

    The increasing need for elderly home assistance


    The elderly face many issues, even in their own homes

    With reduced dexterity and strength, the elderly are inconvenienced by a great many things.


    Singapore faces the challenge of an ageing population

    By 2025, the elderly will comprise 19.3% of Singapore's population. They will require appropriate care and help.


    Sicknesses and injuries are debilitating​

    The need for healthcare increases as we age. Our elderly care infrastructure must improve accordingly.

  • Statistics

    Singapore's Age Dependency

    The ratio of elderly dependents to the working population of Singapore is drastically increasing over time.

  • Causes of injury

    A study on 720 cases of injuries involving elderly in Singapore.

    Home injuries account for a large majority of the causes.

  • Our Solution

    How might we make toilets easier & safer to use for less mobile elderly?

    Automated Showers

    Removing the hassle of showering

    An automatic triple axis showering system which allows the user to shower with minimal movement. A movable and rotatable shower head is able to reach most parts of the user’s body.

    Minimizing Movement

    Reducing Risk, Improving Convenience

    Minimal movement in the shower reduces the risk of falling and simplifies the process of showering, making this daily necessity seem less of a chore.

  • our design journey

    Sunday Meetings

    We meet up every Sunday to talk update each other on progress and discuss future plans

    Meeting with our Mentor

    Simon says:

    Features listed in the MVPs have to be more specific.

    Do more research!!!

    Weekly meeting agenda:

    What have we accomplished?

    What are the challenges we faced?

    What do we have to accomplish next week?



    Created a timeline working up to the mid term showcase.

    Split up the work: CADding the design, researching on the materials and consulting FAB lab staff


    Finalised the design as well as the materials!!!

    Our CADded design looks pretty good :)


    Prototype 1 - 3D Printed


    Yay got our pieces cut out


    Our aesthetic shower holster

    23/10/2016 - 30/10/2016

    Fabrication of prototype 2 for the mid term showcase

    Bending the acrylic was tough :(

    Programming our steppersssss


    Prototype 2: Acrylic

    Things we learnt from the 2nd prototype:

    1) The "banana" is too heavy and big. The motors might not be able to handle the torque required for the "banana" to traverse upwards.

    2) There's a lot of wasted space!!!

    3) Bending the acrylic was tough and it is impossible to replicate the dimensions exactly.


    Potential Prototype 3 - Metal frame

    1) A more minimalistic design featuring a metal frame minimises the overall weight of the banana as well. The only enclosed part is at the back, minimising the space as well.

    2) We intend to get professionals to bend the frame to specific dimensions, which can be replicated across prototypes.



    Sadly.. :(


    #teamsheli @ JP Morgan, Capital Towers

    Pitching session to get feedback for our product as well as presentation skills!


    1) Think about the market/opportunity size for the product

    2) Clear goals! What do we want out of the people we are pitching to? Are they prospective buyers/investors?

    3) Commercial concerns? Transportation/manufacturing??

    4) Cost distribution, end cost to user VS cost of production

    Presentation skills:

    1) Present with conviction/belief in the product

    2) Engage the audience, ask questions?

    3) Walk around more, gesticulate, be energetic

    4) Face the laptop screen towards you so that you don't have to look back to the slides if you forget stuff.



    5/12/2016 - 16/12/2016

    We'll be back after finals to work on our prototype and presentation for our next pitching session at Myanmar, Yangon!




    Meeting to discuss content for presentation, poster and pamphlet, as well as plans to continue building the next prototype.

    Scheduled a meeting with our mentor Simon on 30/12/2016.



  • Our Team

    6 SUTD students are gonna change the world.


    Very quiet. Loves programming. Enjoys helping others.

    Jun Neng

    Hopes to make an impact in society using the latest technology :)


    Likes trying new things, looking at beautiful scenery and reading nerd stuff. Mostly harmless.

    Tze How

    Tze How hopes to use his time in university to develop stuff. Lots of stuff.


    Wants to try new things and travel the world. Loves fooood.


    Loves traveling and making cool stuff.
    Wishes to make something huge!!